I'm Sheila.
I am a follower of Christ, who got married in 2005
had Ladybug in 2007had Stinkbug in 2008moved overseas in 2009and had Doodlebug in 2010.And in 2011, we started praying about and researching adoption. We hope to bring Lovebug home to join our family soon.

I am busy raising, wiping, feeding, correcting, laughing, sleeping, disciplining, teaching, learning, talking, reading, photographing, and I blog about it when I have time!
When I started Momfessions, in January 2008, I wanted a Mommy blog.  I wanted to be witty, and funny, and deep, and helpful.  I'm not sure I'm any of those things, but here I am anyway. Momfessions is my place to share my thoughts, write my heart, show my eye, and connect with friends, it's not polished and often is about poop- you're getting real "momfessions" here, folks... Enjoy!