Thursday, January 31, 2008

I quit!

It's official, I quit Dr Pepper.

Hubby and I decided to stop buying soda (read: Dr Pepper) awhile ago to help snip! snip! our spending. (We are still very much adjusting to be a one-income family!) It's been fab! I really haven't had any caffeinated beverages since then. I make decaf sweet tea here, I don't drink coffee-- so that left my caffeine intake to chocolate (definitely not quitting that anytime soon!), but I never really noticed that I was missing the caffeine fixes...

Funny little rabbit trail: Buggy just woke up from her nap and look what she found on mommy's desk! No fair mom, you never save me any!Back to the regularly scheduled blog entry... I have cut my caffeine way down and not really on purpose more than necessity. But last week we dined at the local Pizza Hut (we had a coupon) and pizza just isn't as good without soda to drink... so I indulged. I had major problems falling asleep Friday night even though I was super-duper sleepy, but I didn't connect the Pepsi and the non-sleep.

The next day we celebrated my mom's and my sister's birthdays and I had soda with dinner again (it was a special event, of course!) I had trouble sleeping again on Saturday night and this time I thought maybe the soda had something to do with it.

Tuesday hubby and I shopped for groceries at Wal-mart and got a small DP from the McDonalds to share (it was about 5pm) and... you guessed it! Couldn't sleep that night either!

I seem pretty dense since I had so much trouble "getting" this, but I think cutting down on caffeine in the previous months has made me suceptible to its power. I really have to pay attention to when I'm drinking caffeine and really limit it to very early in the day so I won't loose anymore sleep over this!

So, I quit... (after dinnertime anyway!)

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