Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Suit Up!

I have never enjoyed bathing suit shopping.

Honestly, I know very few women who like bathing suit shopping. Who am I kidding?! Even twig-like girls complain about sliding into barely-there threads in the dim, unflattering lighting of a close-quartered dressing room and then having to face the mirror. Seriously-- could the experience be any more painful?

Sometimes I get all jazzed about B.S. shopping because I am excited about warmer weather. That feeling is quickly doused when I am reminded about the way I look missing most of my clothes. Gross!

I have never been a two-piece girl because I am decently modest and my body lacks the necessary nice-looking stomach (I never found it at Dairy Queen-- go figure!) But one pieces pose a few problems.
1. The Bathroom. I have never mastered the trick of "going" and then slipping wet bathing suit straps up without gagging. It requires a delicate dance and wiggle maneuver that always leaves me with a wedgie for the rest of the afternoon.
2. The Unflattering-ness. I don't understand how one pieces can simultaneously push "the ladies" up and down... resulting in a weird boob shape. Weird. My real life friend, Rebecca, calls it the "uni boob". Appropriate.
3. A Nursing Baby in Tow. Last summer I realized that one piece swimsuits are not very nursing friendly. Impossible. Well, unless I would like to pretend I'm nude-beaching it and show everyone all my business. No thank you!

Recently I have decided that for the summer I would like to get a new two piece bathing suit. I know, I know, welcome to the 21st century! I love looking at all the suit options in Lands End's catalog, but was hesitant to throw down that much cash for a B.S. without seeing it first. I had a little muhla left on a Kohl's' gift card, so I began my shopping there this weekend in Charlotte.

I was really disappointed with the lack of selection. All the suits I could have been interested in (tankinis) were halter tops. Now, I think halters are cute on smaller busted girls. Not so much cute going on in the halter department here. And that was all they had! The travesty!

I planned to go to the mall with my mom and sisters and hit up the Sears where it is rumored that the Lands End line is carried. That way I could try their suits and see what I thought.

Before the mall though, we hit Target (be still my heart!) and I FOUND THE PERFECT SUIT! I was skeptical (as usual) entering the dressing room, but with astonishment I realized I found a suit with the appropriate modesty (complete coverage), but it was basically everything I wanted in a B.S. (I knew there was a reason I love that place!) Before I blind you with another set of parenthesis, let me introduce you to my new summer friend.

OK, my B.S. is actually black and white, and I have real bathing suit bottoms instead of a skirt, but do you see it? Oh joy! I love that is it adjustable in two places. The straps adjust (like a cami) which is great! I love having control over the cleavage factor! The sides also adjust up and down, so if I was feeling very risky I could show a bit of midriff! Ooh la la!

Rub me down in sunscreen, I'm ready for the summer!


erin blakley said...

like you needed another reason to love target!! I'm sure it was much cheaper than land's end, though, so great find...even for Andrew's hard earned money!

Kara S. said...

I don't think there's anything a woman can hate more than bathing suit shopping - at least for me. :) I have to find a new suit for this summer, and after reading your post, will definitely check at Target! Other than the modesty factor of some two piece suits, my biggest complaint is the price of bathing suits! Some are so ridiculously priced!!!! For the price, I'm like you and definitely want to see it on my body before shelling out the cash!

Anonymous said...

I got my last suit at Target and it too was a tankini. I have loved it and it has lasted me several seasons. This year I went and got the first one piece I can ever remember owning and I am not thrilled. I may have to go check out Target once again.

Windot said...

cute suit! Mine is similar to that. I just got it too... but mine is black with white polka dots. I have a plain black skirt... I chose a skirt for many reasons (to be discussed in person) and I have a red tie in the middle of the top like yours. Anyhow, I love your insight and such into the bathing suit.... hope to see you Thursday!