Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Veeta, Vita, Vegga Woman!

My mom used to buy us Flintstones and other fun flavored character vitamins to take in the morning. I didn't mind the taste and I loved how my spit was the color of whatever vitamin I had ingested when I brushed my teeth before school-- how ladylike, right?

Unfortunately since childhood I have not been that great about taking a daily multivitamin. I can't usually remember to take them, and they leave a nasty, iron taste in my mouth all day. GROSS!

I tried to be a little better when I was pregnant because of all the hub bub about taking enough Folic Acid, etc to make your baby healthy and strong... blah blah blah. Most days I didn't take it and Bug turned out to be the picture of perfection. So much for my motivation, huh?

I do want to be healthy, though, so I get on these vitamin kicks. I try try try to remember and to ignore the metal taste all day. Trying to force vitamins upon myself in such fashion by sheer willpower usually lasts me about 48 hours. Then it's back to ignoring them as they guilt me from the counter.

I discovered Viactiv's calcium chews (Chocolate flavored calcium? Sign me up!) during college and thought those were good, so I decided to try their chewable multivitamin. It's as disgusting as it sounds. Imagine chocolate covered vegetables for breakfast. Big thumbs down!

Recently I saw an ad for Viactiv's Flavor Glides.

I was intrigued and picked up a bottle last week. Man, are they delicious! I took one the first morning and instantly wished I could take another! (I kid you not!) The second morning I put it in and savored it a bit before I washed it down. This probably sounds very psychotic to you, but I swear these multis are really, really GOOD!

I don't get compensated for telling you about my experience with this new vitamin-- I wanted to share because I'm sure there are other women out there who need a multivitamin, but don't take one regularly for whatever reason! They also carry a calcium fruit glide, but I can't tell you about that one, because I haven't tried it yet! If you want to try the deliciousness of the Fruit Glides, click here to get a $1.00 off coupon! Viactiv's Fruit Glides are $8.99 at my CVS. Happy vitamining!


mom_of2boys said...

I loved Flintstone vitamins! I just picked up some of these Viactiv vitamins. Walgreens had them clearanced for $3.49 (EasySaver coupond and Viactiv coupon - I got them for FREE). I haven't given them a try since I normally take One A Day - Weight Smart.

Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely give these a try now.

Amy D said...

I tried one of my kiddo's crunchy chewables the other day and it was AWFUL! But he also has a bottle of gummy vitamins and they are great! Of course, I'm not sure how beneficial a child's gummy vitamin would be for me, so thanks for sharing about these! :)

aly3kids said...

Hi! I found your blog through WFMW and wanted to have you take a peek at my website. I'm a distributor for some really great nutritional supplements that don't leave any aftertaste or upset stomach, and they are chelated, meaning the minerals are tagged with an amino acid that your body recognizes and holds onto (a non-chelated vitamin pretty much flushes right through you - you absorb maybe 2-3%. Our absorption rate is more like 40-50%). Anyway, you can look at if you are interested in learning more about it.

Have a great day!

Kara S. said...

I remember Flintstone vitamins, although I never did the colored spit thing!!! :) I've tried taking vitamins over the years and always griped about the nasty tastes. I never found one that I liked until 6 months ago. I have thyroid problems and discovered that I needed a much stronger multi-vitamin than a normal person in order to feel healthy. The closest match to what I needed was Vita-Alert. They are made with bee pollen so there's none of that nasty vitamin taste. In fact, they have a hint of vanilla in them. After swallowing 4 a day, I don't crave them, but they aren't awful like most one-a-day varieties. :)