Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the spirit...

...of my blog name, I thought I'd go ahead and "momfess" a few things.

1. My house has been a wreck for over a month now. That's right folks-- it's a mess! A messy mess. Beyond disgusting. I hate to write this since my mother is the cleanest woman you'll ever know (seriously I've never seen dirt in her house) and she'll probably read this. Mom, give me a break-- I'm having your second grandchild

2. I don't remember the last time I made a real homemade wholesome meal for my family. We've had spaghetti, sandwiches, grilled cheese, and lots of Subway. I'm sorry, I just can't stomach cooking (or eating) very many things!

3. I haven't gotten in the shower before 12pm most days. OK, almost everyday it's way after 12pm! I just have a hard time getting moving lately, and the Bug's morning nap has also become my morning nap!

4. Did I mention we're living in filth? Maybe this bothers me so much because my mom's house has always been so neat-- I'm not used to the crud.

5. I feel like a failure as a "stay at home" anything-- because my home is a wreck!

Whew! It feels good to get that all out in the open. maybe I haven't wanted to blog over here because I feel like I'm charading. Now this is really Momfessions!


Dee Dee said...

You are gestating. You're busy.
Love you!

momofthreegirls said...

Thanks for the compliment about my clean house, but I am obsessive compulsive! I even washed the back of the house two weeks ago, and Alisha and James thought it was so funny. I do like things clean, but when I was pregnant with you, I had a few weeks where all went to pot. I knew it was bad, when your dad told me "dont you think you could maybe clean the toilet?" It was all it took and from then on I was back to my cleaning craziness!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

You ARE busy. Crazy busy work is going on inside of you. Take care of yourself - the house will wait.

JanMary said...

Thanks for keeping it real:)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

Someone told me that when you are pregnant, it is the physical equivilant of climbing a mountain every single day. And women who climb mountains don't then come home and clean their house and cook good dinners.

Or, if they did, we wouldn't want to be friends with them anyhow. :)