Thursday, July 31, 2008


Happy 100th post to Momfessions!

In honor of the blogger tradition, here are 100 things about me… (I’ve tried to simplify this for myself by categorizing—a great idea I saw and borrowed!)

Five things about me and my bloggin’ self:
1. I am 25 years old—a quarter of a century. And so far, I love being 25!
2. I’m a mom and started this blog in January 2008 to be more anonymous in regards to my family and to network with other mommy bloggers. (I kept up a family blog before that.)
3. I taught second grade for two years in my pre-mommy life.
4. I enjoy writing, reading, and photography—all of which incorporate into blogging!
5. My Hubby thinks I spend too much time blogging!

Five things about my relationship with Jesus:
6. I became a Christian when I was a child and have been walking with the Lord since. I consider myself a great testimony to God’s saving grace…
7. I love Jesus and I am learning how to treasure Him above all else.
8. I have been on short mission trips to Ecuador, Mexico, Haiti, East Asia, Seattle, New York, and Montana.
9. Jonah is my favorite Old Testament story (and we’re currently studying it in Sunday School!)
10. Philippians is probably my favorite book of the New Testament.

Five things about my family:
11. I am married to Hubby, the most wonderful, perfect, affectionate, caring, sensitive loving, patient, helpful man God could have ever designed for me! We’ve been married for three years and change.
12. I am Bug’s mama.
13. I am baking a little boy bean as I type. He’s 24 weeks old.
14. I have great relationships with my mom, dad, and two sisters. God really blessed with a wonderful family!
15. I would love to adopt one day.

Ten things I like to do:
16. Read a great book for hours on end.
17. Sleep in past 8am!
18. Play outside with Hubby and Bug.
19. Photograph my daughter.
20. Snuggle!
21. Drink McDonald’s $1.88 caramel iced coffee.
22. Bake.
23. Drive to Rascal Flatts with the windows down on a beautiful day.
24. Hang out with girlfriends.
25. Double date.

Five movies I enjoy:
26. Pretty Woman
27. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days
28. Ocean’s 11
29. the Italian Job
30. Never Been Kissed

Five books I enjoy:
31. Redeeming Love
32. The Mark of the Lion trilogy
33. Harry Potter
34. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie
35. Olivia

Ten “Favorites”:
36. green
37. lemonade
38. school supplies
39. new emails
40. tulips
41. citrus scents
42. chocolate
43. Pepsi
44. naps
45. flip flops

Five verses I love:
46. Psalm 52:8
47. Psalm 73:25-26
48. Isaiah 49:16
49. Colossians 4:2-6
50. Psalm 139

Five things I’d do if money were not object:
51. travel with Hubby more! (We’d definitely go see Wicked on Broadway!)
52. hire a babysitter weekly and treat Hubby to date nights of his choice
53. give generously to all the people in ministry I know and love
54. hire a house-helper/personal grocery shopper/personal trainer/chef
55. give some amazing Christmas gifts!

Five cool things I’ve done:
56. eaten dessert in the Space Needle in Seattle
57. walked on the Great Wall
58. eaten spicy pig brain
59. explored Costa Rica with Hubby on our honeymoon
60. given birth to an amazing little girl

Five places I would love to visit:
61. Germany
62. Australia
63. the Grand Canyon
64. Africa (not sure where I’d pick to go in Africa, it just seems like somewhere one should travel before they die!)
65. Japan

Ten things I dislike:

66. Gas prices being almost $4.00!
67. Smoking.
68. Rude people.
69. Being awakened by the phone.
70. Being left out.
71. When Hubby “fluffs” around me.
72. Unnecessary extra martial sex in movies.
73. Watching the news.
74. “Christians” making Christians look bad.
75. When people use the Lord’s name in vain.

Five things I don’t think I’ll ever do:
76. smoke
77. eat liver mush
78. sky dive
79. swim way out in the middle of the ocean
80. stop loving my husband and children

Five foods I love:
81. warm chocolate chip cookies
82. manicotti
83. Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich with extra pickles
84. chocolate beyond reason cake from American Hero
85. mashed potatoes

Five things I say every day:
86. I love you!
87. God/Jesus
88. Bug (I really find myself calling her this a lot!)
89. Goodnight
90. Max! (in yelling at the cat)

Ten last random things:
91. I wish I had silky smooth hair. Mine’s frizzy and poofy.
92. I love having sisters, and hope Bug has the chance to have a sister one day.
93. I like to travel, but I love to be home.
94. I hate cutting paper with scissors because it’s never perfectly straight.
95. I like to eat fruit more than vegetables.
96. I hope our son looks like his daddy did when he was young. (He was, and still is, such a cutie!)
97. I’m going to attempt a VBAC in November when it’s “time”. (I’m scared!)
98. I hate when people touch my pregnant belly.
99. I work better without music, but I drive better with music.
100. I love being able to “momfess” here and see what you guys think! Leave me some comment love today for my 100th post at Momfessions! And CONGRATS if you made it through all 100 things!


Emily said...

i loved it...
i enjoy having sisters too.
thats was super fun.

Tom Burger said...

Wow! I read all 100 and probably learned about 37 new things about you. Thanks.

Jolyn said...

I think you are truly a testament to God's saving grace, you make beautiful bab(ies) and you have family far and wide that will always be behind you holding up your back. Very fun post!! I loved it!

Windot said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca said...

well... i made it through all 100... and honestly... i wass't shocked at anything i learned... :-) which is kinda cool... does that mean i know you really well?!? :-)

love ya girl

momofthreegirls said...

I love you, Sheila. You are a really fun, beautiful and insightful woman of God.

Debbie said...

Loved reading all of these, and learning more about you!! :o) Thanks so much for sharing!

gardenmama said...

You don't know me, but I saw your name on Becca Hatfield's blog. Just had to take a look see.

Congratulations on your 100th post! I'm not there yet. A few thoughts:

You should definately see Wicked on broadway. I saw it in Chicago a few years ago. It is great.

Also, congratulations on planning a VBAC!!! I understand feeling scared. Read anything you can about natural childbirth, especially anything by Ina Mae Gaskin. Your body was made to do this, mama! I had both of my babies at home. It's an amazing thing!

Charity said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing! I love knowing you more!

BTW, I just borrowed the Mark of the Lion series from a girl in my community group. I'm on the third book, and I'm really enjoying it!

Kim said...

Great list! And what a great way to do it. I never did one when I reached 100 because of having to come up with so many things. Maybe I'll do one when I hit my 300th post. Maybe I could borrow this idea from you. :)