Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mondays

Bug is back and she did a wonderful job away from home Friday night. The trouble didn't start until Saturday night when she was back with Mommy and Daddy. That's right folks, let teething begin (again!)

Does anyone else have a hard time getting motivated on Mondays?

It's like I move in slow motion and just can't seem to break out of a funk this morning. Luckily my house is decently clean (a benefit of having guests) and there's not much I have to do besides bathe myself, feed myself and Bug, and keep Bug in clean diapers.

I do have to momfess that on Mondays I really look forward to Bug's morning nap so I can browse the blogosphere. Usually I'm pretty absent from the Internet on the weekends because Hubby's home, so Monday means new posts of friends, messages on Facebook, sometimes a good email or two... I sometimes feel guilty that I can't wait to lay her down to spend a few minutes online. Does that make me a horrible mom?


Debbie said...

Hey Sheila! This is Debbie from Xanga! I recently started a blogspot, too, and have been enjoying reading yours. I feel the same way about Elias' morning nap!! My thoughts are that as long as my internet time isn't taking away from my time with God and my other priorities, then there's no need to feel guilty! Happy Monday!!!

Rebecca said...

i like the new layout... did you make it?

Windot said...

p.s. I didnt' tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of bug in that last post!!!!!

E said...

Hey! I so miss that great gym at App! Have you seen the new one yet? I have not been in it yet but it's HUGE!!!