Thursday, August 7, 2008

25 weeks, baby!

My feet seem smaller and further away every day... but I can still see them! Here's the view from up top:
And a nice all over view... OK, OK... conveniently my forearms are blocking the extra flubber hanging off the sides (lately any pants make me look like a muffin squishing out of its wrapper) and I look a wee tired from doing the single parent thing with the teething Bug this week. (Alright, alright-- I have been doing the single parent thing with grandparent backup and auntie diversions, but still!)

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when we made it to 24 weeks last Thursday and now every week just makes Little Man healthier and stronger. I've bought some blue this week, and it's not as fun as all the frilly pink lining Target's racks, but I am enjoying the boy-ness of it all. (Really I think God gave us a boy so I wouldn't spend all Hubby's hard-earned dough on more frilly pink! I get my fix with blue much more quickly!)

Happy 25 weeks, Little Man! Mama already loves you so stinkin' much!


Debbie said...

You look GREAT!! And I can't believe you're 25 weeks already! Really, you look beautiful!!

Charity said...

i love these pics of you. :)