Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wondering why...

...babies aren't born with all their teeth already?!

I mean seriously-- there is nothing in motherhood (thus far) as challenging as keeping Bug happy as white pieces of hard bone cut through her poor gums.

She has a new eye tooth up top breaking through, but the three spaces beside it also look suspiciously white and owie. Four. Teeth. At. One. Time. Holy Moley!!!

Of course, it's the week Hubby's out of the country. Luckily we're crashing at Grammy and Grampy's house for the week and hanging out with the aunties too-- I've brought in the reserves!

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Kim said...

I agree! Not only did I go through it with my own son but I used to work at a church daycare/preschool and for one year I worked in the infant room. There is nothing worse than having 5 or so babies all teething at the same time. Makes me grateful we didn't adopt multiples.

Hang in there...you'll get through it.