Thursday, September 11, 2008


I feel like such a different person than I was on September 11, 2001.

I was a brand new college freshman... Sitting on the floor of the education building with my friends from class waiting on the professor to open the door... Someone said a plane had been flown into the World Trade Center... We weren't sure what was going on... Our class trooped into a different classroom that morning to watch the news...

The whole day felt surreal. Like this illusion of safety I'd had my whole life was shattered. I didn't really feel like I knew what was happening.

Campus was awfully quiet all day, classes were missed by the dozens, but I don't think any teachers were taking attendance.

The daily and mundane that usually seems to hold such importance, dims so greatly in light of tragedy.

Seven years later, as a mother, it's hard to remember that I can't keep my baby completely safe. In spite of that, that God is sovereign.

This month (of Ramadan), our church is praying for Muslims. It's not always easy to pray for people who aren't like you. People who cheered when the towers fell. People who are so lost, they don't know their right hand from their left.

I hope that someday when a set of beautiful, innocent blue eyes looks at me and asks, "Mommy, what happened on September 11th?" That I can explain that there is evil in the world. But God is sovereign (and ultimately in control!). And we need to love people just like Jesus loves us.


Tom Burger said...

Great Post! Thank you. I love your heart.

momofthreegirls said...

I too remember the day and how it changed my perspective on things. I remember you called home and I didnt realize at the time that you just needed reassuring that our family had not changed in the midst of chaos, our love was still the same for you. I am sorry, that I didnt handle that right. Forgive me. I hardly ever react correctly in situations of surprise.

Jennifer said...

Bryce was three months old when 9/11 happened. And the reality hit hard then of not being able to protect him. Today we talked about exactly what you wrote - God is good and in control even when evil things happen. Praise the Lord.