Monday, September 29, 2008

Sesame Street K'NEX

When I was a kid, I loved watching Sesame Street.

Bug hasn't had the pleasure since her meanie parents cancelled TV sometime ago... but even without ever having seen the show, Bug sure knows who the Cookie Monster is! (He makes appearances in some books she has.)

A few weeks ago, we got a new toy to try out-- a Sesame Street K'NEX building set! How lucky for us, we got Cookie Monster!

I told Bug we should wait for Daddy to play with the K'NEX. He's a legos/building blocks type of guy, and Mommy lacks greatly in the spatial sense of things. She didn't want to wait. She proceded to pull out all the pieces and explore with them. This turned out to be OK since I had groceries to put away and lunch to make. The K'NEX kept her occupied for 15 minutes or more that first day-- SCORE!

When Daddy got home, they pulled the K'NEX back out and assembled Cookie Monster. Bug sure thought he was silly! She kept hugging and kissing him!

The K'NEX Sesame Street building sets are recommended for ages 2-5. Bug isn't able to put Cookie Monster together on her own, but she really enjoys playing with him when he's assembled. There are multiple formations and ways you can put Cookie Monster together (I think Daddy's enjoyed the K'NEX as much as the Bug!)

If your kid loves puzzles and building blocks-- I would definitely recommend looking at a Sesame Street K'NEX building set! They also come in Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Ernie & Bert, Super Grover, and Oscar.

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