Thursday, October 30, 2008


I got a question about my blog header, so I totally have to dish my secret! So many people put oodles of money into hiring someone to spiff up their blog... if I had oodles of money (OK, even if I had some money) I might be tempted to do the same.

Unfortunately money is not something I have and probably won't anytime soon!

So, I use a free program called Scrapblog to "design" my own headers.

The bonus? It's like free therapy and I get to cutesy up the ol' blog every once in awhile!

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Mandy said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Sheila! I'm already loving this site, and I have a feeling Joe will have another reason to roll his eyes at me. ;-)
(He's big into Photoshop and I have been trying to get him to make me a title block for a long time).