Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Secret Keeper Girl

I was asked to take a look at a new book series for "tween" girls (ages 8-12) written by a Christian author, Dannah Green. The series is comprised of four books about four friends who meet in detention and form the Secret Keeper Girls' Club. (Check out the great interactive website too-- there's a lot more than just the books! My personal favorite part was the Truth or Bare Modesty Test.)

When I was a tween/teen, I loved reading. I adored checking out fiction for girls and young adults from the library, chilling on my bed and devouring the whole stack! I realize this classifies me as a bit of a nerd, but I must confess I even remember being "grounded" from reading, that's how dorky I was!

Because of my history, I figured I should check out fiction for tween girls nowadays and see what is being offered (especially since I sense that Bug will be a tween girl all too soon!)

I devoured the first book in this series! I think it was well-written for its audience. It was easy to relate to, had a well-developed plot, wasn't cheesily predictable, and offered a Christian perspective for tween girls. I enjoyed reading about Danika and her friends as they struggled to "survive" in school, deal with boys their age, and handle problems that everyday tweens are handling. I also really appreciated the point back to biblical values from mentors in Danika's life.

Checking out the website, you can really see that the point of the Secret Keeper Girls' is to uphold modest values, and encourage tweens to be pure! I really appreciate that in today's society. I definitely would let my Bug read the Secret Keeper Girls-- you should let your girls too!

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