Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tonight Bug wanted to sit in my lap when I finished feeding Little Man. Her Daddy boosted her up and I cuddled them both for a minute. I handed LM over to his daddy on the ottoman so we could all say bedtime prayers together. I started praying and Bug leaned way out of my lap over her brother, grabbed both of his hands, placed them together and said "Men!" (her version of "amen")

Hubby and I caught eyes and made "my-heart-is-melting-that-was-so-cute" faces at each other.

I have so much to be thankful for, and need to spend some serious reflection time over the next few days gathering my heart-thoughts, appreciating my blessings, and thanking my Lord... I do know without a doubt I'm so thankful for my amazing Hubby and my two sweet munchkins-- I couldn't have designed a better family for myself!

I truly am a blessed wife and mommy!

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erin blakley said...

I'm so ready to have sweet moments with our son like this!! Happy Thanksgiving, Sheila :)