Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tea with Bug

Have you ever sat in a moment you wished you could soak in forever? There have been some minutes in my life when I thought I want to remember this for the rest of my existence here on earth.

Sometimes they are pinnacle moments that you would expect to never forget-- your first kiss, walking across a graduation stage, being pronounced husband and wife, holding your newborn for the first time... but sometimes it's small, seemingly insignificant seconds hanging between the mundane and everyday that matter the most.

I found myself in one of those minutes today. I struggled to crawl in between the recliner and the couch to the cozy lair I made for Bug this morning-- her "tent". I had hoped it would distract her for a bit so I could put the dishes away, wipe down the kitchen, and fold the never-ending laundry. No suck luck. "Mommy, tent?"

I gave in-- how could I resist such beautiful blue eyes and a surprisingly strong tug on my hand? I grabbed my special tea set and squeezed into the small cave of pillows, blankies, and baby dolls.

We poured each other imaginary tea, clinked our tea cups and drank ourselves silly on make-believe tea. "More, mommy, more," was the mantra of the morning. I showed Bug how to drink with a pinkie straight up like a proper lady as the warmth from the sun melting snow outside filtered through the windows above us. As the sunlight danced on the back of the recliner--"tent wall"--I sucked in my breath imagining a time not long from now when my little girl doesn't want any more imaginary tea.

My breath caught in my throat as I looked-- really looked at those beautiful, thick lashes laying on her cheeks. The baby fine hair still messy from a night of sleep. The gap-filled mouth waiting to be filled out with teeth. The dainty hands, pouring more tea in my cup. How many of these precious moments have I already let slip out of my grasp without fully living them? How many times have I let the daily-ness of being a mom pull my hand out of Bug's to fold laundry or sanitize the counters?

I tucked our morning away in my heart-- with all the other special memories I hold dear. I'm glad she asked me to play.

Wherever you are, be all there.
Jim Elliot


erin blakley said...

This just melted my heart! So beautifully written, Sheila. I guess I can look forward to tents, but probably not tea parties yet!!

And..can I just say that we now live closer to the mountains and we have had NO snow!! I'm so jealous :)

momofthreegirls said...

I have tears in my eyes as I read this, because I think of all of those special times that I had with my 3 girls...and I think of all those moms that dont get those opportunites because they have to work...and then the ones that choose to give up those opportunities because they want more THINGS. The best things in life are definitely not things! Thanks for sharing.

JanMary said...


(I have stumbled this and shared on Tumblr)

Leigh said...

Thank you for sharing this Sheila! How sweetly written! I will look for more of those moments to share with Ava your "Tea with Bug" reminds me to not worry so much about the house and the laundry, but rather the moments I can share with my children!
(My little one wants real tea...I wish I could get away with imaginary tea parties!)

Jennifer said...

How sweet!!

liz said...

Now this is what a precious moment is all about.

Mollie said...

This just makes me miss you. And makes me super glad that I'm carrying MY little girl for a few more months. And then WE can have tea parties!!!