Thursday, June 11, 2009

Git 'R Done

I hate packing.

Cant' stand, despise, loathe entirely... same difference. Whether I'm packing because I moving and need my belongings relocated to a new home, or just packing up for a weekend out-of-town... I. do. not. like. it. Sam. I. Am.

With a fair amount of jaunts away from home with bridal showers and miscellaneous wedding stuff for my sister, and a big move for our family this summer, I am doing way more packing than I like.

I am thinking about setting up some guest posts as well as throwback posts from my favorite momfessions over the summer... interested? Email me if you think you have something worth telling momfessions readers, or if you have a favorite momfession you'd like to see again.


JanMary said...

I could do a guest post from N Ireland if you want - from our holiday cottage. Will be there all of July.

Rebecca said...

i hear ya girl!!! i hate HATE packing the most!

keep us in mind if you need to be rid of anything(if you know what i mean) ;-)

Emily Korhonen said...

where are you moving?