Saturday, October 17, 2009

I spy something...


What is it with women and sparkly things? I just can't really explain. Kinda like my love for getting fresh flowers or chocolates... I just like sparkly things. I really can't get over this Everlon bangle from Kranich's Jewelers. I don't want to bore you, though. I know I already told you how great I think the Everlon jewelry from Kranich's is.

I told you last fall about my Diamond Circle Pendant from Kranich's Jewelers. Sad story: last Sunday I was trying to lay Little Man down for a nap and he was fingering my necklace and then *pull*, it broke! I almost cried until sweet Hubby told me not to worry-- he said he would get me a new chain for the pendant... maybe he does understand my need for sparkly things?

If I could tell the future and know all my offspring's birth months, I would go ahead and have Hubby get me a Mother's Ring for Christmas. Sigh. Maybe I should get my mom one?

Head on over to Kranich's today and start your Christmas shopping... or maybe your Christmas list?

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momofthreegirls said...

I like that maybe you should get your mom one. You really don't have too. Just knowing that you thought about it makes me smile. I love you.