Thursday, April 15, 2010

You Capture: Fresh

Yesterday afternoon, my friend's little boy was over to play with Stinkbug.  The afternoon sun quickly heats up our living room this time of year, so I opened a window-- those boys were enthralled!  They couldn't get enough of that open window letting in fresh air!  (Yes, I realize they are blurry-- did I mention they are 22 months and 17 months-- there wasn't any "still life" going on here yesterday, oy!)

PhotobucketYes, my son doesn't have pants on-- haven't I mentioned that this is how we roll?  I'm just going with the flow (and too tired to fight the pants battle!)


rebeccannb said...

Cute pictures!

Jen Higgins said...

No, they're not still at that age, are they? It's such a busy, fun stage!