Thursday, November 4, 2010

4 weeks old

It doesn't even seem possible that it was four whole weeks ago when I was driving from the doctor's office to the hospital because we discovered my water had broken.  And not long after that, sweet Doodlebug was here!

He is such a sweet baby.  A good (although sleepy) eater and a (pretty) good sleeper.  I find myself so much more confident as a mom with each new baby.  With Ladybug I wondered if I was doing anything right.  I constantly fretted about how long she nursed and how long she slept.  With Stinkbug I felt more laid back-- I knew he would eat what he needed and sleep when he needed and we just did it.  This time, I am so confident and relaxed!  I know he'll eat and sleep when he needs, and I haven't worried (almost) at all!  *sigh*  How I wish I could convey this message to my new mom friends:

You are a great mommy!  Yes, it is a big responsibility to care for a newborn, but you can do it!  God has ingrained you with mommy intuition and He will help you to do this job!  Don't worry so much about what all the books say or what the newest parenting trend is... what do you think you should do?  Feed your baby, change your baby, love your baby, talk to your baby, snuggle your baby, bathe your baby, sing to your baby, pray for your baby. The rest will fall into place.

So, if you're a new mommy, or an expecting mommy-- tune out all the other voices crowding up your head and listen to the ones that matter most-- God's and your own.  You are a great mommy!


gmomj said...

That is one sweet child!

Catie said...

Such a blessing. Exactly what I needed to see today. :)

Priscila said...

soooo true! I probably never thanked you, but thanks for all your words of encouragement when I was drowning in self-doubt about my mommy skills. You have NOOO idea how much you've helped me. So, thanks friend!

mom said...

You are a wonderful mom and a great help to other moms too. I am so proud of you.