Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Shmattering

  • I administered my first glycerin suppository to an infant today.  It worked, and oh my word, THE POOP. That's about all I have to say about that.

  • Today Ladybug was disciplined for lying to me.  She came out of her room crying with her hands folded and asked in her huffiest voice, "Are you ready to say you're sorry now?"  I told her that she was the one who needed to be sorry for telling me a lie.  She stomped off down the hallway while saying, "Fine!  I'm not gonna be your kid anymore!"

  • Speaking of poop and Ladybug... tonight she had diarrhea and called it "coffee poop".  Haha!  Kids say the funniest things sometimes.

  • I cut Ladybug's hair this week.  It started out traumatic for her... She thought a "hair cut" would hurt.  When she stopped crying and saying, "Mommy please don't cut my back with those scissors," everything went very smoothly.  Not a shabby first attempt, if I do say so myself!

  • Dinner plans have been all sorts of re-arranged this week.  That's one thing about meal planning... it doesn't always go as planned.  It kinda irritates me.  And anyways... holy expensive groceries!  I feel like I either need to choose to cook for and feed my kids now or send them to college later because we certainly don't have enough money for both!

  • Middle children.  How do you keep them from acting like... well, you know, middle children?Is that blurry?  Despite the blurry, doesn't that face just scream trouble middle child?  I've got to keep my eye on this one...

  • Skinny jeans.  Not just for skinny people.  I actually own a pair now.  To go with my high boots.  It's a whole new me, people!

  • And lastly, look at your web address bar thingy (go ahead, I'll wait...)  YES, I AM MOMFESSIONS.NET.  Wow!  It finally happened.  I carved out (and paid for) my own little corner on the web.  It's mine, all mine.  (She spins 'round and 'round with arms spread wide in an open field of high grass and wildflowers.)  Go ahead and change me in your reader, so you won't miss anymore of these exciting random schmattering posts!  (And I'll try to not have so many random thoughts about poop next time, I promise!)



Dad said...

Olivia is ... well .... only one way to say it: She's a little S-H-E-I-L-A!

How many times did I hear over the past 25 years or so, "I quit this family!"

mom said...

Oh my Sheila, I am thinking you and Andrew are in BIG trouble. She is only 3!!!!!!! What will 13 look like. As far as middle children. I love my middle child and she is an amazing woman. So don't criticize too much. Just keep a close eye on him until he's 23. You are getting payback you know. Just sayin'!

Sarah said...

Good job on the haircut, looks nice! :)

Just have another baby, and then he won't be *the* middle child anymore. haha

Sheila@Momfessions said...

Haha! Ummm I'd rather have a middle child than be pregnant again right now! ;)

Thanks- I was nervous about the haircut! I actually went and got mine cut today and thought about how much I miss coming to you for a haircut an chatting about our kids!


Megan said...

Love both your blogs!


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