Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Schmattering: Doodlebug Edition

  • I think Doodlebug has Go Go Gadget Arms. For real. I will put something (glass bowl, utensils, tortillas, ketchup bottle, drinks, etc) on the table purposefully making sure it's OUT OF HIS REACH and by the time I've turned back around, he's got it in hand. I need to find a way to make money off this kid- he's got super powers...
  • Like not sleeping all night. Can that be considered a super power? It's like an evil kind of super power- zapping the life and energy from your parents, so you can control their minds. I'm thinking I need to find his kryptonite. Any ideas?
  • I've found the perfect babysitter for Doodlebug: the vacuum. I kid you not. When I need 15 minutes (or more!) to get stuff done, I pull out the vacuum and let him go to town. He pushes it all over the floor, stands beside it, pulls the hose around... It's magical for mommy.
  • It's hard to believe we'll be celebrating Doodlebug's birthday in less than two months. Holy cow! Where does the time go? I thought Ladybug and Stinkbug flew through infant-hood, but there isn't a word to describe how quickly Doodlebug is becoming a little boy. 
  • Do you think Doodle looks like Lady or Stink?!

Doodlebug at 10 months old (August 2011)
Stinkbug at 10 months old (September 2009)

Ladybug at 10 months old (April 2008)


Jessica Thommarson said...

I think he looks more like Ladybug. They all look like each other, though. Cuties!!

Mom-mode said...

U guys make some çıte babies! İ cannot believe he will be one so soon!!

Catherine said...

I think he definitely looks like Olivia. He has the same complexion and face structure. :)

Windot said...

I think he looks like "O"!

Richard Sugg said...

Wow, he's changed already since we've been there! He definitely looks like Ladybug :) But I'll bet he's mischievous like Stinkbug!