Saturday, November 12, 2011

Balloon Fail

This morning was Stinkbug's birthday party. Before party time, I was sucking down coffee, setting up the table with favors, and dressing the kids. With only 45 minutes to shower and put up some decorations, Hubby told me to get in the shower and let him decorate. How nice of him, right?

This is what I got:

Looks fine at first glance, huh? Look again:

Ummmmm, what the heck kinda balloons are those?

And why in the world would Hubby choose those balloons to decorate for our three year old son and his friends?

So, as nice as it is when your husband offers to do something to help you (especially if the "something" is out of his usual forte: ie decorating for a birthday party), give him a kiss and tell him you appreciate him, and then check his work before all the impressionable young birthday guests arrive.

Lesson learned here.


Windot said...

HA! I love this! Way to go Andrew, lol!

Shannon Kosub said...

Omg! This made tears roll down my face. How hilarious!!!

Jason and Charity Palmer said...

haha! sheila...that's just hilarious. thanks for the laugh today :)