Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Random Schmattering: Tired Mommy Edition

  • Um, life these days... Being sick. Disciplining kids. Enjoying hot drinks for fall. Wearing jackets. Doing laundry. Cooking soup, chili, and beans. Cleaning up barf. Crying over life. Laughing with loved ones. Arguing about little things. Giving tylenol to kiddos for fevers. Reading, praying, and seeking the Lord. Planning a Halloween party. Dressing up my kids. Wondering why people are the way they are. Falling into bed exhausted from it all. Getting up the next day to do it again.
  • It's 7:25pm and my kids have all been in bed for 15 minutes. Amen.
  • The kids dressed up for a Halloween party we had on Sunday:

  • Have I ever expounded upon the insanity that is trying to get three small kids to look and smile at a camera at the same time? No? Well, INSANITY. Except look-y what I happened to get two weeks ago:
  • It only took a bribe of three lollipops, 2GB of memory, and a very quick shutter finger. 

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