Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Many Memes

OK, I have been tagged for two different memes so instead of posting them at separate times, I am just going to have one big fabulous meme day. (I might have accidentally modified them a bit-- oops! All's fair in love and memes!) Enjoy!

This is a mixmatch meme about me from Megan:

The Quirks of Me

7. I don't like to shave my legs in the winter. Like at all. Ever. Pretty much I look like a wolly mammoth from November to March when the capris come out!

6. I hate washing dishes. No, I really despise washing dishes. I think it's torture. And one of the grossest things ever.

5. I dislike talking on the phone. I just can't handle not seeing the other person's conversation cues. And often I get sidetracked and miss part of the convo anyway. I am not a very good phone friend. Try email!

4. I love school supplies. A lot. New pencils and pens give me the happy chills. I love new notebooks and especially sticky notes. I am such a dork at my very core!

3. I am no domestic diva. I love reading the flylady's advice, but I have the most trouble implementing a housework plan that really works. Maybe I should devise a plan that doesn't include blogging?

2. I am the worst for having buyer's regret. I always always always wonder if I made the right decision and worry about whether I really like the item and basically give myself ulcers about things I have purchased.

1. I can't imagine a job I'd love more than the one I have right now. Working for Hubby and the Bug makes my heart sing Disney Princess-like songs!

This is a meme of 5 from Kara S.:

5 years ago I was a junior at Appalachain State. Living with my younger sister (best roomie ever!) and dating the most handsome man I'd ever seen!

5 Things on my To Do List today: 1. blog 2. take a nap 3. eat a few times 4. dishes? 5. tutor

5 Snacks I Enjoy: chocolate chip cookies, anything chocolate, goldfish, fresh fruit, ice cream

5 Things I would do if I were a Billionaire: travel the world with Hubby, support a few dozen missionaries and mission projects, buy the 'rents something nice (convertible anyone?), give out cash on the street-- how fun would that be?, smother family and friends with gifts and cash

5 of my Bad Habits: biting my nails (occasionally), picking my nose (occasionally when a kleenex just isn't cutting it!), being lazy instead of doing housework, choosing fiction over non, not shaving my legs in the winter (see above meme)

5 places I have lived: Charlotte, Boone, current small town, Seattle, Kunming (China)

5 Jobs I have had: Chick-fil-A employee, RA, teacher, tutor, mommy!

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Kelly said...

Thank you Shelia - for giving me a glimpse into your life. I read through your things and found that we are similar in several things....shaving the legs - hubby says mine are really starting to look like his (also he bought me a new razor for christmas -might be a hint that I should start using it)....washing dishes is absolutely my worst chore - there is nothing that I probably hate worse - thank goodness I have a dishwasher though....I am terrible shopper because I start getting my buyer's regret before I even buy it...I also share in the same bad habits that you do. Thank you for sharing...I really enjoyed reading.