Thursday, May 29, 2008

Big Day

My Bug is 11 months old today.

My Bean is 15 weeks old today.

I'm an emotional wreck-- where is the time going?

Here's life with Bug lately:
She loves this bean bag chair... So cute!

New favorite hiding place.

In the baby pool on Memorial Day.

P.S. You can't leave an 11 month old alone for any length of time!
Some of Bug's accomplishments thus far: says Mama, Dada, Deeeey (kitty), Maaaa (Max), baaaa (ball); signs milk, please, thank you, all done, more; waves bye bye; gives and blows kisses; dances like a white girl; plays hide-n-seek like a champ... Can you say "proud mama"?


momofthreegirls said...

I want to cry...this time is going so fast! She is getting so big and beautiful.

Tom Burger said...

She also know how to work a room, heads straight for grampy to get what she wants, and throws pretty good (for a girl)