Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm having a small crisis...

When Bug was still baking in the toasty little oven (that during my first pregnancy looked like a cute basketball under my shirt, but is widening itself with this second one into all sorts of squishy love handles and extra rolls)... anyway, I digress... I received so many generous shower gifts for our daughter. I mean SO MANY.

One such gift was a plush softie pink kitty who has since been lovingly named Dot.
Exhibit A: "Dot"
Bug decided a few months ago that Dot is her BFF. No seriously, there will be no napping without Dot. There will be no 12 hour stretches at night without Dot's presence in the crib with Bug.
Severe attachment.
I checked a few months ago and there were ample "Dots" still for sale on Amazon-- what did parents do before Amazon?? I did not purchase any extra Dots at that point in time because we decided to wait until Bean revealed his/her gender, so we could get a Dot or two for him/her. (There are blue puppy Dots, yellow duck Dots, and green frog Dots). Am I scaring you?
I have scoured the Internet and after half an hour (thanks Google) I have stumbled upon pink Dots. With free monogramming. They are $24.99 each. Praise the Lord, small crisis averted!
Now, I need to know. How many "back up Dots" should a good mother have on hand?
(And should I cringe at paying $25 a pop to keep my sanity? "Cause I know Hubby will.)


DeAnne said...

tough oldest (5.5) is still attached to his blankie-no back up- and it is beginning to get holes. He's old enough to understand- when it's gone it's gone....

Windot said...

Oh girl!!! I can't believe you can't find them! I would definitely buy a back up! E has a back up puppy. I don't think he is as attached as Bug is to Dot, but I would get one in a heartbeat! ha ha!