Saturday, June 7, 2008

Buggy Fun

Our life lately:
"Come on mom, my pool's waiting!"

Isn't that the sweetest suit?
There could be no higher compliment to the chef!
Kinda close, but we're starting putting little barrettes in her hair-- I love mommy-ing a girl!
First corn on the cob of the summer.
Daddy's little thug.
All pictures are the sole property of Momfessions.
In other fairly irrelevant news, today marks seven years since I graduated from high school. I know that might not sound like a lot, but I have been so many places and done so many things in those seven short years! It's hard to believe that looking forward seven years ago as I walked across the stage, I couldn't have imagined how my life would look! I am such a blessed woman with a great husband, a sweet baby, another coming baby, a degree in education and two years experience to my credit, a wonderful local church, and big plans for the future! God is way too good to me-- way more than I deserve!


Windot said...

TOO CUTE!!! I loved the thugged out bug!

Tom Burger said...

It seems like seven years has flown by way too fast, doesn't it?

Olivia is beautiful - even with a messy face. I can't wait to get in her pool with her.

Shelley said...

Thug Bug! I totally have that bandana with the orange stripes. Awesome. Love peeking in on your lives...God bless your missions trip.