Monday, June 9, 2008

List after List

Saturday we will board a plane with a group from our church and experience our first mission trip as a family of three! We are going to work with a missionary family in Montana. We will lead a VBS there, help with a soccer camp, and do anything else we can to serve the family we are going to minister alongside.

While very excited about our first mission trip with the Bug, I am a tad anxious about traveling with her! She has flown before, but she was only three months old and therefore very easy to contain... I need your tips and tricks for traveling with an almost one year old! I have made list after list of her things that need packing, what toys/non-toys to buy this week for the plane, snacks to bring along... I've scoured the internet looking for helpful hints-- I want to be well-prepared. So give me the skinny on traveling with toddlers... please?


Jessie said...

Hi :) Becca sent me :)
Although I haven't traveled with a toddler (I will be in a couple weeks and a little worried about it) - I have flown with my daughter while she was old enough to not enjoy just sitting there! My biggest piece of advice is to take something new and dress your baby in layers - if they get the slightest bit hot and uncomfortable - it's all me. A cool baby is a happy(er) baby. Best of luck! I'll be praying for you all!
Oh - and don't sit in a middle seat(if you can avoid it) - that's hard too :)

jenn3 said...

I had to take my 20 month old to my mother's 3 hour college graduation. I took coloring books and sticker books (she just likes the stickers, even though she doesn't know what to do with them). The best thing I brought was a Fisher Price Doodle Pro. It's like an Etch-A-Sketch, except with a little pen attached instead of the little wheels you turn. Shiloh was entertained with that for such a long time! It is labeled for over 3 years old, and I'm usually very careful about that, but I decided it would be okay for her to play with as long as I'm with her. (The only danger is from the string, and I don't think it's long enough to choke anyone, but I keep it out of her toybox anyway.) I'm not sure exactly how old your baby is, or if it will work for you, but it worked for me.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

I have only flown once since I had my baby girl, and she was 11 mos. old. Sounds like you are on the right track...I bought some new toys that she had never seen and broke those out,one by one, on the plane. I got a cheap bead necklace and she loved that. Then snacks of course....take plenty of them. She did really well on the way there, and not quite as good on the way back, but I think the pressure got to her ears, so I just nursed her, and she calmed down. You'll do great....have fun!