Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free Stroller?!

With the stork starting to circle around our dwelling, it was time to think about upgrading to a double stroller. It's one of the few pieces of baby stuff we actually will need by the time November rolls around (Bug was a very blessed wee thing)...

Today, I was browsing around the Bloggy Giveaways for Summer (go ahead, click it and come back-- I'll wait) and found this.

Hold up! That is the stroller I have been lusting after thinking about purchasing. And I have a chance to win it? Dare I hope? So here I blog, in hopes of raising my chances a little bit. I really, really, really hope I can tell you next week that I'm the proud momma of a Trevi Twin Double Stroller!


Laura said...

Hey! Thanks for entering! Good luck!

Rebecca said...

did anyone win?!? i didn't get an e-mail - so i guess that means i didn't :-(