Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

This week, every time I get the broom out (let's face it--after every meal), my little Bug snatches up the dust pan and "helps".I've never asked for help, and I haven't even showed her what to do with the dust pan. She's just picked it up by observation.
It's so neat to me how much little ones learn just by watching their world and picking up habits and tricks. I love that she's only 13 months old and we're already seeing things she can do to "help out" and be an active part of the family.

She also helps mommy put away her toys after a bath. I think she feels important as my little helper! (And she's such a darn cute helper too!)

1 comment:

LIZ said...

You have a dear young lady! She appears to be a delightful, willing assistant! (These photos just melt my heart.)