Thursday, October 9, 2008

34 weeks!

How did this happen?!

I'm telling ya... I just peed on a plastic stick yesterday and now I'm within six weeks of meeting this little guy! Chasing a toddler sure keeps time flying!

I had a panic moment last Wednesday when I realized that we're having a baby next month, but I think I'm getting uncomfortable enough that I'm almost ready for him to be here! (He does need at least three more weeks to bake, but I'm willing to meet him at 37 weeks, if he's willing to come then!)

All I know is that he'd better arrive with hair for all the fiery indigestion mommy is fighting. Maalox and TUMS have been my good friends the last week or so.

I have a hard time imagining life with a boy-- I wonder what he'll be like. Will his personality be the total opposite of Bug? Will he burn with boyish energy and constantly be in motion? What will he like to do? Will he be a good eater/sleeper/pooper? Will he love to rough and tumble with his daddy, or snuggle his mommy, or play with his sister? Will he be relaxed and just go with the flow? How will it feel to be a family of four?

It's so neat to think that the God who created our son, already has a plan for his life. His days are numbered and his footsteps are ordered. {Kinda takes the pressure of of me!}

As we creep bulldoze at a frightful speed, closer and closer to November, I find myself thinking so many thoughts and praying so many prayers for my little boy. I'm getting really excited about meeting him! {Hopefully my "nesting" instinct will kick in soon, so he comes home to a clean house though!}


Carrie said...

Oh Sheila! I'm so excited for you :D

Tom Burger said...

I've kinda been wondering some things, too.Will he be a Bills fan? Will he learn to love and watch hockey with his grampy? Will he throw with his left hand? How will he feel about power tools?

So I guess we're in the same boat, huh?