Friday, October 10, 2008

More potty info than you ever wanted...

I got a question comment on my Wordless Wednesday post this week about the potty, so I figured I'd share a little more information...

Does this mean she is trained (or in training?) I was just looking at that potty stool. Do you like it? Tell us more!

Bug is not potty-trained and probably won't be anytime soon. (She is 15 months old as of September 29th.) The biggest reason for not potty training? I am LAZY! I don't really care to heave my very pregnant self to the toilet with her every 30 minutes or so and make her sit there. (Although I would love only having one baby in diapers come November!)

We've had the potty for months now, and basically I bought it because it seemed like a good multi-functional tool. It's a potty, but can be a seat for me when I'm giving Bug a bath, and there are two storage compartments on the potty for toilet paper, small books toys, etc. The downside? We only have one itty, bitty bathroom, and the Boon potty takes up a fair amount of space. I'm pretty selfish with bathroom space, so as you can see in the picture, the potty got the boot to the hallway right outside the bathroom.

I think if I was buying a little potty today, I'd go cheap (the Boon potty bench is about $30) and save a little cash.

Bug is very interested in the potty. I have an "open door" policy in regards to the bathroom, so she can come in anytime I'm on the potty (and usually does). She flushes for me (bet you didn't know having kids meant you never had to flush for yourself again, huh?) and likes to wash her hands with me. I see this all as very positive, since she is learning about the bathroom experience.

Lately, she's wanted her diaper off so she can sit on her potty in the hall and read books. She actually pooped in there yesterday, so we did the happy poopy dance and I told her how proud I was of her. Usually she just sits there for five or ten minutes and then gets up and signs "all done".

Bug is starting to show (slightly) signs of knowing when she goes by telling us "bobo" (poo poo), or "bipa" (diaper). My favorite "Mommy change me!" moment occurred a few weeks ago when she was adamantly telling me something and then went and got a diaper, lied down on the floor, held her legs in the air, and placed the diaper between her legs. Haha!

So, are we ready for potty learning? Not all the way. Are we taking things slowly and letting Bug lead in the pottying department? Sure, why not. After all, though potty trained, I'm as new to all this as she is!


Tom Burger said...

You're right. Way too much information.

Jennifer said...

It's so fun to see what others go through and know we are not alone.

Michelle M. said...

I almost-three-year-old is just potty-training now. He wasn't ready at all by that age and then his little sister came along and Mommy wasn't ready! Then we had to delay it over the summer because he had surgery. All that to say, that I am hoping to start training my little one within the next few months. It will be funny to have her potty-trained right after he is and they are almost two years apart :) Good luck!