Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Meme!

I needed a little "de-stress" before I go nap (remind me to recount my morning for you some day...) so here's a fun Christmas meme from Cheri!

Favorite Tree: I loved having live trees growing up... now I have a Hubby and a Bug with allergies, so no more real trees! My favorite was when my family would traipse to the Christmas tree farm and chop one down! It was a mess of arguing about the best tree... and hoping the one I picked out got chosen above my sisters' picks! There was also a hay ride and hot chocolate at the farm for our enjoyment! (Don't tell my parents I liked this... I was in my teen years and liked to pretend I hated "family togetherness".)
Favorite Ornament: I have the "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments for Bug and Little Man by Precious Moments. They are adorable!
Favorite Christmas Song: Do You Hear what I Hear? by Third Day
Favorite Tradition: Reading the Christmas story by tree-light on Christmas Eve and then opening one gift each!
Favorite Gift: Our first Christmas, Hubby got me a charm monogrammed with my new initials for a bracelet I had. Then last year he gave me a charm engraved with Bug's name and birthday. Such a thoughtful and special gift!
Favorite Meal: PIZZA! My family always had pizza on Christmas Eve growing up... I know, we're ultra cool!
Favorite Cookie: Ummmm... I really am loving the sugar cookie cutouts we made this year. I also love the toffee my mom makes. (I don't make it because I'm not patient enough-- I just wait and eat hers.)
Favorite Place to be: With my family!
Favorite Memory: My sisters and I got a trampoline one year from Santa. It was the last gift. We thought we were done opening, and then we got a wrapped gift that held a clue that sent us on a scavenger hunt ending at the back door looking out at our new trampoline!
Favorite Movie: The Nativity Story-- we haven't watched it yet this year... maybe this weekend!

I tag Sharon, Jolyn, Leigh, and Mollie.


Jolyn said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing! :o)

momofthreegirls said...

most of your favorites are my favorites too. I tried not to copy though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah sounds great!Thanks for sharing with all.

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Windot said...

I like the new look!