Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good morning... er... afternoon. It's me-- I'm over here on the couch. I wasn't feeling so hot after breakfast this morning so I took a nap (Actually, I went down for a nap and Bug didn't want to miss the action so she came to lie down and her snoring made sleep for me impossible. Gotta love motherhood!) Now my tummy's all woozy and yucky. I'm so glad it's Saturday, so Superman (ie the best husband in the world) can nurse me back to health...

It's that time of the year, so I'm curious-- what toys are you getting your kids, or your spouse, or yourself this Christmas?


JanMary said...

Oh no - hope you feel better soon.

Just finished wrapping my pressies. Ipods for my older 2, fire station for my wee one, aftershave and clothes for hubby.

Nearly all other gifts - teachers, friends, family are edible (but not homemade), and quite a few scarves and gloves for grandparents.

Just blogged by 200th post!

Leigh said...

Your little ones are so cute...Little Man looks like Andrew and Bug, well just like you!
Ava loves the Fisher Price Little People. She is getting another Little People toy to add to her collection. They are great toys!

Shelley said...

I'm a little late on my blog-round!
We take it one year at a time for gifting each other...and this year, we splurged on a nice piece of pottery as a gift to one another. We're trying to fill our home with one-of-a-kind art rather than just "made in china" kitsch. Our vase is something we've both been wanting for a long while. Merry Christmas to us!