Monday, December 7, 2009

The dinner-bedtime waltz

I despise bedtime.

There I said it!

I hate giving baths to wiggly, slippery children who move when I tell them to stay still and then cry when the rinsing water goes in their eyes. (Duh!)

I hate wrestling PJs onto Stinkbug-- seriously it zaps the little energy I have left after dinner.

I hate reading bedtime stories.  I know I used to be a teacher-- but as a teacher I only had to read aloud between the hours of 8am and 3pm, then I got to clock out.  I never get to clock out as a mom.

I don't like the mess my house is at 8pm.  Seriously, what happened here today? is what I am left wondering some nights.

I despise the HOUR it is taking Ladybug lately to go. to. freakin'. sleep. lately.


OH. MY. WORD.  I am so over it!

I try to be kind and gentle.  Errrrrrrrrrrrnt!

I dole out spankings.  Errrrrrrrrrrrnt!

I reason.  Errrrrrrrrrrrnt!

I threaten.  Errrrrrrrrrrrnt!

I plead.  Errrrrrrrrrrrnt!

I'm tired.  And I hate bedtime.

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familyobservations said...

thank you for being geniune. we all have times that we hate bedtime. and i applaud you for putting your kids first. that's awesome. as fathers we need to do whatever we can do to give you guys a break. bc you guys need to be able to "clock out" more.