Saturday, October 4, 2008


GORGEOUS day... simply gorgeous.

What an imaginative God to create such a lovely season!

OK, you lurkers-- I see you coming by my site and not commenting! Won't you click "comments" today and show some love... what is your favorite season?

There might even be a surprise involved for one lucky commenter today!


Anonymous said...

summer! My house was warm. Now it's COLD!

momofthreegirls said...

Love you and yes this is beautiful weather.

Emily Korhonen said...

i occasionally comment, so i don't consider myself a lurker, but i am also in love with fall... i always thought my favorite season was summer, but spring and fall are making a run for it this year. i have decided that i can't decide between the three, as there are so many wonderful things about them, but i can be sure it is NOT winter!

Windot said...

It's a tie-- between spring and fall! You know i'm not a lurker... or if I am, I am an obvious one!

ASUBttrfly said...

Fall is by far my favorite!
I try to comment.....and not just stalk!

Tom Burger said...

Fall .....

- Cooler temps
-falling leaves
-colorful leaves
-football season
-the start of hockey season
-Thanksgiving is coming
-Christmas isn't far behind

Jon and Mollie said...

Don't call me names! I have been diligently reading your thoughts and storing your mom ideas and insight in my brain, until the time comes for me to use them!! And, the time is finally coming... May 7!! :)

And currently I love fall. Tomorrow might be different. You know how this goes-- feelings never stay the same anymore!

Jennifer said...

I vote fall. I love the cooler weather and beautiful days, too. (But if you asked right before spring, I would probably say spring.) I'm so thankful for the changing weather.

beckyjomama said...

Ooh, caught lurking!!!

FALL - after living in AZ for most of my life where ya don't get fall, I am LOVING the colors! God is an AH-MAZING artist!

Jolyn said...

Fall. There is nothing like fall in Minnesota. I would add a picture here if I could. Even fall on a rainy day at the farm, celebrating a Grandfather's 86th birthday. Love it!