Friday, January 21, 2011

Postpartum Lesson

I had a baby three and a half months ago, so that puts me in the "postpartum" phase of life.  I've never struggled with postpartum depression, but boy oh boy am I struggling with postpartum hair loss these days.

I shed almost enough for another human every day.  Seriously, my bath tub drain looks like I lost a fight with a hair-pulling high school girl every morning.  I find hair on my pillow when I wake up, hair on the couch when I stand up, and I have to clean out my brush every day because... well, you get the picture.

Hubby and I have agreed it's amazing I still have hair on my head at all.

The other day as I was cleaning out the bathtub drain (again), and fuming about the hormonal imbalances that will certainly, eventually lead to total baldness, I remembered a funny little Scripture:

And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. (Matthew 10:30)

I just had to smile.  You see, the Bible says there are a number to the hair atop my head, and the Lord holds that number in His infinite sea of wisdom.  He knows.  That may not even strike you as such a great thing for Him to know about you, but my friend, I'm losing hundreds, possibly thousands of hairs every week, and each time ONE HAIR falls out, it doesn't do so without the Lord knowing.

Sheila has 3,478,213,459,213 hairs. Now, she has 3,478,213,459,212 hairs. Oh, there goes another one--3,478,213,459,211 hairs. 3,478,213,459,210 hairs.

He knows every one of them.  That's how valuable I am to my Heavenly Father.  So as much as losing my hair chunks at a time stinks these days, I am so grateful for the God who knows me in such a deep, personal, detailed way.  A God who cares about my hair more than I even do.


Dee Dee Rauscher said...

I remember those days! But "they" assured me that the only reason I was shedding was that I'd gotten more hair during the months of pregnancy. Not sure, but I never did quite end up bald after a baby came, so be encouraged : )

Sheila@Momfessions said...

Haha, thanks DeeDee! Hopefully I won't go completely bald, then I'd have to wear hats and I've never looked that great in a hat! ;)

aunt Janet said...

I love you, Sheila, and your faith shining in spite of every little pebble (or hair) on the road.

Jess said...

Oh, Sheila. We have the same conversation about hair, every single time. I think this time was the worst ever. It really seems like, "how can I possibly have any hair LEFT?" I would brush my hair before the bath (pitch the excess hair), then lose hair in the bath (pitch the excess hair), then comb my hair after the bath (pitch the excess lost hair)... every single day. How can this BE???

:) God must love us a lot to keep track of us and our post-partum hair loss. :)

Michelle said...

Hahahaha, I posted a post VERY similar to this one about 6 or so months ago! I lost SO much hair it was insane. I still lose a lot (my baby's a year old now) but not nearly as much as before. Rest assured, it does get better. :-)

Sheila@Momfessions said...

I lost some after Bugs #1 and #2, but this time it is INSANE! :) I know it'll get better, but it's surely getting old!