Monday, May 23, 2011

{1000 gifts}

I am reading one thousand gifts by ann voskamp, and it's getting to me. Good getting to me. Cracking hard layers of ungratefulness and burrowing deep into my soul.

I'm feeling broken down by things I've believed about things I've believed about God. And about me. I know God will put all these pieces back together, and when He does I hope I'm a more grateful me. Me who breathes every breath with a fierceness for living and an appreciation for full lungs.

I'm seeking to be grateful and I want to share my thanksgiving, in hopes that it will inspire you to look to Christ. To see how much you too, have to be thankful for....

1. Grace, the amazing gift of God

2. the great love with which God loves me

3. the Word- alive, unchanging, true

4. Hubby's willingness to constantly serve me and our children

5. shrieks of laughter of children at play

6. baby soft hair

7. tea

8. the fresh spring breeze making my curtains flutter and dance

9. a majestic blue sky littered with wisps of white- simply glorious!

10. naptime rest for the children and their mom

11. meeting a new mom friend at the park while children run and play

12. strawberries, not the first of the season, but the plump delicious ones that come later and are so sweet on the tongue

13. barefeet

14. being made alive (Ephesians 2:5)

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bethel said...

we always r thankful when we can look back and think. all God has ever done and always does is all for our good. i am grateful for that above all.