Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Today I was blessed to be able to share the story of Daniel in the lions' den with the kids who have come to our Adventure Camp this week. After the story I was asking some review questions to see if they "got it".

Me: Who was Daniel?

Kid: A dude who prayed.

Do you think they got it?!

We are having a great time on our mission trip as a family! My role is slightly different than it has been in the past as I take care of Bug and see that her needs are met, but we're having a great time! It's amazing to me that we haven't left America, yet we're finding kids who have never heard of Daniel or Jesus!

Yesterday was Bug's due date last year. What a letdown it was to watch my due date pass by without contractions or anything else promising soon coming labor! At that time I felt like she was never going to come. I have had the best year ever getting to know her and love her! (And in hindsight I'm glad she was two weeks past due-- I think the extra baking added to her extra yumminess!)


momofthreegirls said...

For sure. She is baked with extra sweetness and goodness. The best things take time. You were late too.

JanMary said...

You have just reminded me what my middle daughter said last year, when I asked what they had learned that morning at Sunday School. She replied enthusiastically "It was great - it was all about Daniel and the Lion King".

(I think Disney has a lot to answer for!)