Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

10. An uninterrupted night's sleep (or twelve).

9. A flattering pair of pants that fits no matter how many kids (or cookies) I've had.

8. A toddler who quietly rides in the shopping cart (without a bribe).

7. An indoor voice for a small child who so far only knows one volume-- loud.

6. All 20 baby teeth to sprout (without fuss) in one night. (I actually would like to request two of these.)

5. A tummy tuck.

4. An eraser for stretch marks on my belly... and my legs... and other places.

3. Time for a shower every day. With soap. And the door closed.

2. Back up mammary glands for Hubby so he can have a turn at the night feedings.

1. The ability to cherish these moments... I know they won't last!


JanMary said...

Great list.

Hope Santa reads this blog and you get some of your wishes :)

DeAnne said...

beautifully put!

Windot said...

HA, I love it!

Jolyn said...

I love the "and other places" part! Oh motherhood, what a fabulous thing!! :)

a_weak_rose said...

Haha to back up mammary glands! lol!

erin blakley said...

I love you!...and miss you!! I will be calling you soon. I'm pretty sure we're both alltel and I have not taken advantage of that!